Stainless Steel Ice Cream Cone Production Line High Speed Working 380V

CBI collection and WBI collection
(Baking Plares Dimensions:240mmX240mmsuitable for cones length 108mm or considerably less and waffle basket)

  CBI-47A*/CBI-47X2A* CBI-71A*/CBI-71X2A* CBI-107A*/CBI-107X2A*
Amount of baking plates forty seven seventy one 107
CZPT Cones/hour** 4200 6600 9500
Gas Usage(kg)/hour 5-six nine-ten eleven-12
Device Dimension(mm) 6700L*2400W*1800H 9600L*2400W*1800H 13900L*2400W*1800H
Machine Excess weight(kg) 4500 6500 9600
Primary Motor specification 1.5hp1.1kw 2.0hp1.5kw two.0hp1.5kw

CBIII collection and WBIII series
(Baking Plares Size:320mmX240mmsuitable for cones size in excess of 125mm and waffle basket)

Variety of baking plates 39 fifty five sixty one
CZPT Cones/hour** 3500 5500 6000
Gasoline Intake(kg)/hour five-six nine-10 ten-eleven
Machine Dimension(mm) 7000L*2400W*1800H 9500L*2400W*1800H 10500L*2400W*1800H
Equipment Excess weight(kg) 4700 6500 8500
Primary Motor specification 1.5hp1.1kw two.0hp1.5kw two.0hp1.5kw

CBIV collection and WBIV sequence
(Baking Plares Size:260mm*240mmsuitable for cones length among 100mm to 120mm and waffle basket)

  CBIV-45A*/CBIV-45X2A* CBIV-63A*/CBIV-63X2A* CBIV-101A*/CBIV-101X2A NEW*
Variety of baking plates 45 63 one zero one
CZPT Cones/hour** 4000 6000 9500-10500
Fuel Use(kg)/hour five-six 9-ten 11-twelve
Device Dimension(mm) 6800L*2400W*1800H 9000L*2400W*1800H 14000L*2300W*2000H
Equipment Excess weight(kg) 4500 6500 10000
Major Motor specification 1.5hp1.1kw 2.0hp1.5kw 2.0hp1.5kw

*Ameans one particular cone per baking plate although x2A signifies two cones per baking plate
** CZPT cone is 23° with cone duration 110mm standard cone /hour for x2A(two cones for each baking plate) only.
Also, manufacturing output is dependent on the high quality of cone mix, oven tempreature and thickness of wafer.


Cone Ejection System.

Cone ejection by mechanical movement utilizing observe and roller system(Utility Product Patent#:ZL20 0571 7161.nine,ZL200820189568.two).Straightforward to use and maintain. Flexible cone ejector system with springs enables cone diameter inside of 2mm difference to be ejected, no matter flat-leading or normal rimmed cone.


A single Motor drives all.

A single single motor synchronize the oven, rolling station, batter pump through a sequence of higher precision chain method. The preferred products are created with large precision and higher product yield.

CZPT-Reel method (Creation Patent#:20152 0571 4431).

Wafer normally takes shorter route from baking plates to rolling molds. Use of sugar andoil can be reduced.

Stainless Steel Ice Cream Cone Production Line High Speed Working 380V