Jewelry Laser Welded Chain Making Machine for Various Necklaces

CZPT CZPT Welded Chain Generating Machine For Different Necklaces


CZPT Parameters



CZPT energy


CZPT wavelength


CZPT source

Lamp pumped

Welding frequency


set energy


Fiber cable

.3mm / .4mm / .6mm

Lens focus

80mm / 100mm / 120mm

Rated energy


Energy offer

AC220V ± ten% fifty / 60HZ

Cooling technique

Built-in water cooled

Manage System 

Microcomputer plan


Large speed woven chain making machine can woven 0.2 ~ .6 mm chain of gold, silver, and twelve ~ 24 k gold, 
platinum, copper and other steel chain. Simultaneously its matched laser soldering equipment can weld kinds
of chains automatically. The entire equipment is effortless to run, higher creation price (can weave three hundred ~ 350 backlinks/min).
It can be applied to make various chains, these kinds of as one clasp side chain, bismarck chain, curb chain, double chain,
cross chain and twist chain.



1. Can be outfitted with a SIRMA ninety ° laser head or straight head.

2.Place energy distribution is uniform and steady, no towline phenomenon.

three. Can weld 0.19-.6mm diameter stainless steel, K gold, 925 silver, pure gold chain.

four. CZPTed British ceramic condenser cavity, anti-corrosion, heat resistant, life (eight-ten) several years, xenon lamp daily life
of more than 800 million occasions.

5. Non-speak to processing, tension free, noiseless, no air pollution to the atmosphere, which belongs to the eco-friendly processing.

6. Good high quality laser beam, high conversion efficiency, high welding speed.

seven. Good welding quality, smooth and beautiful physical appearance.

eight. Solder joints non-air pollution, weld strength and toughness at the very least equal to or stronger than the foundation metal.



It can be utilized to generate various chains, this sort of as single clasp facet chain, bismarck chain, control chain, double chain,
cross chain and twist chain.  

Sample images

Which incoterm can support?
All the incoterms can assist, we will decide on suited freight as your request.

What is the guarantee  period?
Generally the guarantee is 1 calendar year, It can be prolong upon dialogue. Our highly skilled and specialist
group is CZPT to provide you (apart from damage). Soon after warranty we are also CZPT to provide you the
products/machine operating well.

How to use the machine?
Operating handbook and instruction(user welcoming English edition) online video will assist you to function the equipment.
However our engineers can information you any time by electronic mail and mobile phone if necessary.

How spend?
TT, PayPal, Western Union, Other then these require to verify from initial from us.

We commit to react to you on time. You are welcome to deliver samples for testing. We will ship you the
software sample online video, images as properly as courier of original samples if needed (totally free of value).


Jewelry Laser Welded Chain Making Machine for Various Necklaces