Industrial Engineering Plastic Board PPS Sheet

CZPT engineering plastic board PPS sheet


  1. PPS&lparPolyphenylene sulfide&rpar is a semi-crystalline higher functionality thermoplastic with optimised tribological houses for demanding bearing and friction requirements&period The molecular framework of PPS is comparatively straightforward&comma and the principal molecular chain is alternately arrayed by benzene rings and sulfuratoms&comma lots of rings and sulfur and sulfuratoms supplies PPS with the rigidity resistance as nicely as the pliancy resistance&period The internal symmetrical molecular composition helps make PPS  very easily crystal&comma non-polarity&comma excellent electrical resistance and low drinking water absorption and so on&period

two&interval Traits&colon

  • Really excellent sliding houses even CZPT lubrication
  • Very good thermal mechanical bearing toughness
  • Very good chemical and hydrolysis resistance even against superheated steam
  • Very dress in resistant
  • Really rigid
  • Creep resistant
  • Not electrically insulating
  • Good machinability
  • Resistant to gamma radiation
  • Self extinguishing&colonV-

three&period Programs&colon
The favored fields of use for PPS are&semi Mechanical and automotive engineering&comma nuclear and vacuum engineering&comma transportation and conveyor technologies&comma pump technologies&comma textile&comma packaging and paper processing machinery&comma precision and chemical engineering&comma plant building&comma plane and aerospace sector&period 
Popular purposes for the use of this merchandise are&colon

  • Friction bearings
  • Static &sol dynamic higher bearing toughness parts
  • Slide footwear
  • Sealing rings
  • Pump housings &sol areas
  • Put on strips
  • Gears
  • Thrust washers
  • Ball valve seals
  • Slide rings
  • Valve housings

Color&colonNatural&commaBlack&commaKhaki&commaOffwhite and so on&time period
PPS Sheet Dimensions&colon500X1000X&lparThickness&colon1-100mm&rpar&comma600X1200X&lparThickness&colon1-100mm&rpar
PPS Rod Size&colonΦ6-Φ200X1000mm
PPS Tube Dimension&colon&lparOD&rpar30-800X &lparID&rpar20-600X length&lpar500-1000mm&rpar
                       The Info Sheet of PPS&colon

Residence Item No&period Device Price
Mechanical Properties one Density g&solcm3 1&period43
2 Water absorption &lpar23ºC in air&rpar &percnt &period03
3 Tensile strength MPa 75
4 Tensile strain at break &percnt 5
five   Compressive pressure &lparat 2&percnt nominal pressure&rpar MPa fifty five
six Charpy effect energy &lparunnotched&rpar KJ&solm2 25
seven Charpy affect power &lparnotched&rpar KJ&solmtwo 3&period5
8 Tensile modulus of elasticity MPa 3700
9 Ball indentation hardness N&solmm2 180
  10 Rockwell hardness M84


Industrial Engineering Plastic Board PPS Sheet