Industrial Conveyor Belt Microwave Drying Machine

CZPT CZPT Belt Microwave Drying Device

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CZPT Parameter of CZPT CZPT Belt Microwave Drying Equipment:

Merchandise Name

CZPT Microwave Oven

Unit type

Transmission belt

Microwave frequency


Electrical power




Transmission speed


Enter voltage

3-PhaseAC 380V



Cupboard color

Silverh white

The complete substance

CZPT quality stainless metal

Microwave leakage limit


Operating Time



Solution Introduction:

CZPT CZPT Belt Microwave Drying Machine is more and a lot more popular presently.Microwave strength is converted into direct outcomes on heat.Microwave has penetrating performance inside and outdoors the media heating at the exact same time. Microwave can saving drying time and aviod the uncooked substance turning into metamorphism or coking the overheat setting,The drying result is good for seafood,tea,mushroom and so on.

Merchandise Software:

CZPT Tunnel Nuts Roasting Oven is suitable for application of microwave in scope of dried fruit, dried fruit meat, candied fruit, etc. microwave helps make function on low-temperature dry and sterilization, to prolong its preservation.

Microwave helps make perform on so the two quickly and thoroughly using microwave to kill the pests of rice or rice and rice, grains and eggs (killing prices, which includes prices and eliminate the eggs to kill the adult fee 100%), but also on meals and environmental air pollution, keeping the original diet of rice high quality.

For quick food box, lunch and feeding the return temperature, reheating and sterilization preservation.



Packing and delivery:

Why select us
1 With the perform drying, heating, cooking, sterilization, unfreezing, dehydration, inactivation etc. 
2 PLC car or button management program, assist knowledge saving, outputting, and printing
3 Microwave power stepless adjustable, temperature and humidity chain clever manage
four Pace can be altered.
5 The equipment dimensions can be modified in accordance to users’ workshop area.
6 Quick ongoing generation, which is uniform and complete.
7 The excellent mechanical and electrical integration style, the actual-time monitoring of multiple sensors, safe and reputable.
8 Adopt foodstuff-grade resources.
9 Production can be monitored, quantified and controlled.

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Industrial Conveyor Belt Microwave Drying Machine