Gypsum Block Production Line Quote Turnkey 150 Thousand M2

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For clients with certain need&comma we could give the appropriate remedies or make your ideas more workable based mostly on our overseas expertise&interval
For  clients CZPT in depth necessity&comma we would like to recommend our equivalent initiatives in accordance to the local climate and use of the building web site&time period
For the benefit extra service&comma we are capable of offering a impression image to present the manufacturing line immediately&period of time

Introduction of gypsum powder manufacturing line China leading maker&colon

As expert manufacturer and provider for building material generation lines&comma we DCI provide gypsum powder production lines&comma with distinct capacities in accordance to client’s needs&period of time
With our skilled technological group&comma we can complete a series of operate from style&lparmechanical and electrical&rpar&comma manufacture&comma source&comma installation&comma commissioning to stabilized generation&commacertainly we also give the spare component supply support&period of time
Till now&comma we’ve produced and provided full sets of machine lines to Russia&comma Oman&comma Uzbekistan&commaUnited Arab Emirates&comma Iran&time period
Quick introduction&colon
Following being heated and calcined with specific temperature&comma normal di-hydrate gypsum is dehydrated    
 and decompounded&comma to get the item whose significant element is semi-hydrated gypsum &lparCaSO4 &bullet one&sol2 H2O&rpar&comma that is&comma calcined gypsum &lpargenerally slaked gypsum&rpar&period of time According to distinct temperatures and strain circumstances during dehydration decomposition&comma the received solution is β-variety calcined gypsum&interval Basic method of mechanized manufacturing includes five big techniques&colon gypsum grinding technique&comma automatic measuring technique&comma calcination system&comma warmth offer system&comma and growing older& packing method&period of time According to the client’s requirement&comma gypsum crushing method can be extra to crush big gypsum rock to be with dimensions of -30 mm&comma and then conveyed into grinding method&period of time
2&periodProduction line type
1&rparControlling part&colon  Full Automated
2&rparAnnual potential&colon twenty&comma000 t~300&comma000t
three&rpar Fuel&colon Normal gasoline&comma coal&comma diesel&comma heavy oil
four&rparRaw content&colon All-natural gypsum rock &lparif adding some equipments&comma industrial by-solution–desulfurization gypsum can be employed&rpar&comma and in conformity with need of gypsum rock of more than Quality 3 for creating cementing content in JC&solT 700-1998&colon Articles of CaSO4·2H2O in raw material >70&percnt&interval
3&periodMain Economical and CZPT Paramete

No Identify Device Index
one Annual capacity MT 30000
2 Yearly gypsum rock intake MT 35000
3 Operating times&solyear Working day 300
four Every day potential MT one hundred
5 CZPTity usage for creating 1 ton of gypsum powder
KWH thirty
6 Coal &lpar7000 kcal&solkg&rpar Kg&solt 33
seven Worker&solshift people&solshift 6-seven
8 Controlling Portion   Entire Computerized
nine Once-a-year capability   20&comma 000-200&comma 000 Tons Per Calendar year
10 Calcining technique   Ebullition furnace
Rotary kiln
Rotary kiln
11 Gas   Organic fuel&comma diesel&comma coal&comma heavy oil
12 Raw substance   Organic Gypsum Rock
thirteen Finished powder utilization   Gypsum board
Plaster wall&solPutty 


four&time period Top quality CZPT&colon
Gypsum Powder Good quality CZPT&colon GB&solT 9776-2008
Gypsum Powder&colon eighty-100mesh
Composition&colon Material of β-CaSO4·1&sol2H2O &lparmass fraction&rpar in calcined gypsum should be not significantly less than 75&percnt&time period
The Original Setting Time&colon Shall Not Be Considerably less Than six Minutes&comma
The Final Location Time&colon Shall Not Be Far more Than 30 Minutes

two&period Main Technological innovation
Gypsum Powder Plant&lparNature Gypsum Rock&rpar
Gypsum Mine –210mm gypsum rock&rightarrow Crushing &rightarrowbucket elevator &rightarrowsilo &rightarrow Raymond mill &rightarrowscrew conveyor &rightarrow bucket  elevator &rightarrowmaterial stablization silo &rightarrowelectronic belt scale &rightarrowbucket elevator &rightarrowboiling kiln &rightarrowbucket elevator &rightarrowFU chain conveyor &rightarrowclinker silo &rightarrowpacking
5&periodMain creation products introduction
Grinding systemAutomatic measuring systemCalcining systemOrganic heat provider boilerAging &packing systemAutomatic manage program
amid them&commathe Gypsum powder ebullition furnace employed in the calcining technique has pursuing benefits&colon
a&semi Little volume&comma big capability
b&semi Simple structure&comma un-damageable
c&semi Compact framework&comma significantly less land occupation&comma very good de-dusting result
d&semi Less energy usage
e&semi Handy to work&comma simple to handle
f&semi Great solution good quality&comma fairly best calcined gypsum section composition&comma secure physical properties
g&semi Low cash construction expenditure& operation expense
And the This furnace utilizes electrical vitality or chemical vitality produced by sound&comma liquid or gaseous fuels as principal heat source and heat conductive oil as heat transfer medium&period It adopts pipeline to link boiler and thermal products into shut technique&interval It also adopts new saving type heating way— adopting compelled circulation to heat thermal products&period of time Compared with other heating equipment&comma it has the pursuing obvious rewards&colon
a&semi Beneath minimal doing work force&comma it can obtain greater heating temperature&interval As a outcome&comma products investment price is diminished and security aspect is intensified&interval
b&semi Heat uniformly and stably&comma accurately manage heating temperature to keep away from component heating to heated merchandise&comma successfully improving merchandise good quality&period
c&semi The heat conductive oil has no corrosion and scale&comma so expenditure for drinking water remedy products which is essential for heat transfer medium this sort of as h2o or steam and pharmaceutical remedy price is diminished&period of time
d&semi The freezing point of warmth conductive oil is relatively minimal and can be utilized in cold wintertime&period Even if it is solidified&comma there is no enlargement and no risk for cracking tools&period
e&semi One natural and organic warmth carrier boiler can offer heat for many end users at the same time with diverse temperatures&period of time Hence the gear investment for numerous heating equipments for many consumers is decreased&interval
f&semi Compared with steam boiler&comma organic and natural heat carrier furnace can save in excess of 40&percnt vitality&comma for it adopts liquid transmission to transfer vitality&comma and circulated heating&comma CZPT condensation emission to reduction heat&time period It is the best strength-saving and environment-protecting products&comma simple to function&comma safe and dependable&interval

Gypsum Block Production Line Quote Turnkey 150 Thousand M2