Df3500 Double Flex Chains and Engineered Steel Chains

CZPT flex chain and CZPT Chain are fabricated, with alloy metal in accordance to your prerequisite

Fabricated steel 3500 chain is designed to run in either route. This function furthermore its ability to flex in two planes, and its superb use durability, can make it well-known for a extensive range of applications in the device handling sector.

one, Chain types: Roller Chain, conveyor chain, transmission chain, motorbike roller chain, silent chains, oil pump chains, weld steel drag chains, plastic chains etc
2, Principal resources: It is 40Mn. 40Cr, 45Mn alloy steel, SUS304, and POM CZPT for plates, 10#, 20#, 20CrMnMo, 30CrMnTi for pins and rollers
three, Warmth treatment method: Carburizing, Austemper Stressing, nitro-caburizing harden and many others
four, Surface: Shot peening, black, blue or unique
five, Package way: CZPT bag+ carton box+ plywood circumstance

Chain No. Pitch Width between inner plates Plate depth Plate thickness Pin diameter pin length Min Flex radius tensile strength weight per meter
  mm mm mm mm mm mm R kn kg
DF3500 2.5inch(seventy six.2mm)
seventeen.five 31.8 6.4/16 fourteen.5 36.5 508 213 4.9
DF3910 3inch(76.2mm) 17.5 31.8 six.4/sixteen fourteen.five 36.five 560 213 four.eight
DF3498 1.75inch(sixty three.5mm)
/2.5inch(forty four.45mm)
19.05 34.nine 8/sixteen fifteen.67 15.67 457 256 five.nine

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We are a major maker of mechanical transmission spare parts, as effectively as many a long time one particular of trustworthy and trustworthy suppliers for CZPTpean, The usa, Iran marketplace and so forth. Our main items are roller chains, conveyor chains, transmission chain, pulleys, V-belts, sprockets, spur gears, bevel equipment, equipment shafts, roller bearings, rollers, conveyor belts and so forth.

At current, For South American, CZPTpean, and Asian marketplace, our outstanding merchandise are fabricated according to your prerequisite and our top quality fulfills ISO, ASME, DIN regular.

I hope we can do company together, and look CZPT to listening to from you shortly


ISO chain no ANSI chain no                        
Pitch Roller diameter Roller diameter Width amongst internal plates Pin diameter Chain path depth Plate depth Highest width more than bearing pin Connecting pin size Least cranked hyperlink proportions Greatest tensile strength Fat for each meter
p d1(max) d7(max) b1(min) d2(max) h1(min) h2(max) b4 (max) bs(max) L1(min) Q(min) q≈
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN kg/m
eight sort tiny roller kind conveyor chain(d7)
208A A2040 twenty five.four 7.95 15.88 7.85 3.98 twelve.33 twelve.07 seventeen.8 21.7 6.nine thirteen.eight .42
208B   eight.fifty one 7.seventy five 4.forty five twelve.07 11.81 17 20.nine 17.8 .forty five
210A A2050 31.75 10.sixteen 19.05 nine.4 5.09 15.35 15.09 21.8 twenty five.9 8.4 21.8 .seventy three
210B   10.sixteen nine.sixty five five.08 fourteen.ninety nine 14.seventy three 19.six 23.seven 22.2 .63
212A A2060 38.one 11.ninety one 22.23 12.57 5.96 18.34 18.one 26.nine 31.5 9.nine 31.three 1.02
212B   twelve.07 eleven.68 five.72 16.39 16.13 22.7 27.three 28.9 .76
216A A2080 fifty.eight 15.88 28.fifty eight 15.seventy five 7.ninety four 24.39 24.thirteen 33.five 38.nine thirteen fifty five.six one.7
216B   fifteen.88 17.02 eight.28 21.34 21.08 36.one 41.5 sixty one.75
220A A2100 sixty three.5 19.05 39.sixty seven eighteen.9 nine.54 thirty.48 30.seventeen 41.1 forty seven.two sixteen 87 two.fifty five
220B   19.05 19.56 10.19 26.sixty eight 26.forty two forty three.two forty nine.three 95 two.62
224A A2120 76.two 22.23 44.45 twenty five.22 eleven.11 36.55 36.two 50.eight 57.4 19.1 one hundred twenty five 4.06
224B   25.four twenty five.four fourteen.sixty three 33.seventy three 33.four fifty three.4 sixty 160 four.7
228B   88.nine 27.94   30.99 fifteen.9 37.forty six 37.08 65.1 seventy two.five 21.3 200  
232B   one hundred and one.six 29.21   thirty.99 seventeen.81 42.72 forty two.29 sixty seven.4 seventy five.3 24.four 250  
straight facet plate big roller variety conveyor chain(L)
C208B   twenty five.4 8.51 fifteen.88 7.75 four.forty five twelve.07 eleven.81 seventeen twenty.nine 6.9 seventeen.8 .fifty five
C208BL     four.45   .89
C208A C2040 7.92 seven.eighty five three.98 twelve.33 twelve.07 17.8 21.seven 6.nine thirteen.9 .5
C208AL C2042   .eighty four
C210A C2050 31.75 ten.sixteen 19.05 9.4 5.09 fifteen.35 fifteen.09 21.eight 25.9 eight.four 21.eight .78
C210B   five.08 fourteen.ninety nine 14.73 22.two .78
C210AL C2052 five.08 fifteen.35 15.09 21.eight one.27
C212A C2060 38.1 11.91 22.23 twelve.57 5.96 eighteen.34 eighteen.one 26.9 31.five nine.nine 31.3 one.12
C212AH C2062H 1.forty four
C212B   38.one twelve.07 22.23 eleven.68 five.seventy two 16.39 16.13 22.seven   9.nine 28.nine  
C216A C2080 fifty.8 fifteen.88 28.fifty eight 15.seventy five 7.ninety four 24.39 24.thirteen 33.five 38.nine thirteen fifty five.6 2.08
C216AH C2080H 2.fifty four
C216B   seventeen.02 8.28 21.34 21.08 36.1   thirteen sixty  
C220A C2100 sixty three.5 19.05 19.05 18.9 9.54 30.forty eight 30.seventeen forty one.one forty seven.two 16 87 3.01
C220AH C2102 39.sixty seven three.six
C220B   sixty three.5 39.67 19.56 ten.19 26.sixty eight 26.forty two 43.two   sixteen 95  
C224A C2120 76.two 22.23 44.forty five twenty five.22 eleven.eleven 36.fifty five 36.two fifty.eight fifty seven.4 19.one a hundred twenty five 4.sixty six
C224AH C2122 five.26
C224B   25.four twenty five.four 14.63 33.seventy three 33.4 fifty three.four   19.one 160  
C232AH   101.6 28.fifty eight 57.15 31.fifty five fourteen.29 forty eight.seventy four 48.26 sixty nine.four   25.two 222.4 9.06

Df3500 Double Flex Chains and Engineered Steel Chains