Computer Control Medium Speed Dry Paper Lamination Machine with Glue

 Application and Features

The equipment is utilized to double layer or multilayer lamination for a variety of roll components, this sort of as plastic movie, paper and aluminum foil, and many others.

The device is upgraded primarily based on GF-B product. Mechanical structure is the very same with GF-B design, but the electrical adopt sophisticated auto control circuit, this sort of as double frequency inverters and vehicle pressure, etc..


one. Air-growth shaft for first unwinding, second unwinding and rewinding.

2. CZPT-photoelectric pc E.P.C program is installed at 1st unwinding.

3. The pressure of first unwinding and 2nd unwinding is managed by vehicle pressure controller.

4. Impartial torque motor controls rewinding, with stress adjustable.

five. Glue spreading by anilox roller, doctor blade from Switzerland, independent motor responsible for horizontal shifting of blade holder.

six. CZPT frequency velocity adjustment technologies, two Japan Yasukawa inverters, a single for principal motor and the other for gluing motor.

seven. Reduced friction pneumatic floating roller is set up at the entrance of oven and the film stress inside of the oven is total vehicle managed.

eight. Conductive oil heating inside of laminating sizzling roller, with features of even temperature and power saving.

nine. Gluing pressing roller and laminating pressing roller adopt pneumatic pressure and the stress is adjustable.

ten. Whole size of oven is seven.5m. The internal guidebook rollers are formed in arch, pushed by chain actively.

eleven. The oven is electric powered heating, divided into three sections, with temperature independent manage.


Main CZPT Parameters



Max. laminating speed


Max. laminating width


Overall electricity





8300*1500*2750mm/8300*1700*2750mm 8300*2200*2750mm/8300*2400*2750mm

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Computer Control Medium Speed Dry Paper Lamination Machine with Glue