Automatic Woodworking Heavy Duty Single Rip Saw Machine

 Woodworking rip saw device
 Model: MJ153C/MJ153D/MJ154


Primary technological knowledge MJ153A MJ153C
Max. working thickness 85mm three-11/32 inches 85mm 3-eleven/32 inches
Min. working duration 120mm 4-23/32 inches 200mm 7-seven/8 inches
Max width after cuttting 460mm 18-7/64 inches 365mm 14-three/eight inches
Noticed spindle aperture Φ30mm Φ1-three/sixteen inches Φ30mm Φ1-three/sixteen inches
Noticed blade diameter and operating thickness Φ250(10-sixty)mm Φ305(ten-eighty five)mm Φ250(10-sixty)mm Φ305(10-85)mm Φ250(ten-sixty)mm Φ305(10-eighty five)mm Φ250(10-sixty)mm Φ305(ten-eighty five)mm
Spindle speed 3500r/min 3500 rpm 3500r/min 3500 rpm
Feeding speed thirteen,seventeen,21,23m/min forty three,fifty seven,70,77 FPM thirteen,seventeen,21,23m/min forty three,57,70,seventy seven FPM
Noticed blade motor 7.5kw 10 hp 7.5kw ten hp
Feeding motor .75kw 1 hp .75kw 1 hp
Chip removal diameter Φ100mm Φ3-15/sixteen inches Φ100mm Φ3-15/sixteen inches
Device dimension 2571*1337*1480mm 2571*1337*1480mm 1730*1050*1380mm 1730*1050*1380mm
Machine bodyweight 1000kg 2204 lbs 950kg 2094 lbs


Main technological info MJ153D MJ154
Max. doing work thickness 85mm three-eleven/32 inches 125mm four-fifty nine/sixty four inches
Min. functioning length 200mm seven-seven/8 inches 220mm 8-21/32 inches
Max width right after cuttting 460mm 18-seven/sixty four inches 610mm 24 inches
Noticed spindle aperture Φ30mm Φ1-three/sixteen inches Φ30mm Φ1-three/16 inches
Noticed blade diameter and functioning thickness Φ250(10-60)mm  Φ305(10-85)mm Φ250(10-sixty)mm  Φ305(10-85)mm Φ305(10-80)mm   Φ400(ten-a hundred twenty five)mm Φ305(ten-80)mm   Φ400(10-one hundred twenty five)mm
Spindle pace 3800r/min 3800 rpm 3500r/min 3500 rpm
Feeding pace fifteen,20,twenty five,31m/min 50,67,83,103 FPM 13,seventeen,21,23m/min forty three,57,70,77 FPM
Observed blade motor seven.5kw ten hp 11kw fifteen hp
Feeding motor 1.5kw two hp .75kw 1 hp
Chip removing diameter Φ100mm Φ3-fifteen/sixteen inches Φ100mm Φ3-fifteen/sixteen inches
Device dimension 1785*1100*1415mm 1785*1100*1415mm 2200*1350*1550mm 2200*1350*1550mm
Equipment bodyweight 1000kg 2204 lbs 1450kg 3197 lbs

Main functions

one. It really is commonly utilized to lower wood chips in large precision.

two. Total solid iron machine frame keeps the operating stability.

3. Leading management panel with electronic indicator, render the operation simple & guarantee the doing work accuracy.

four. With sliding rip fence,  so the end users could deal with and modify the doing work width as the processing   necessity.

five. Perfect linear precision. 

six. The powerful mounted anti-athwart subassembly offer with the robust safety protection.

seven. Unique double conclude bearing seat assist the supply chain wheel to make the delivery sleek.

eight. Super-vast shipping chain wheel make the shipping and delivery much more clean.

9. With endless super shift equipment, it truly is extremely ideal for the procedure for both the tough and gentle timber.

10. The front handle make shifting when during operating no need to quit the device.

11. The information board on the working table can also make the supply sleek.

12. The track-kind feeding chains put on well and boast higher conveying and slicing accuracy.

thirteen. The new clamper makes the feeding far more steady.

14 .The super-prolonged guidebook rail assures the straightness timber of duration.

fifteen. The sealed electric cupboard prevents the dust and any mishaps thereof.

sixteen. The a few-layer rebounder makes the timber tough to rebound and makes certain human security.

Automatic Woodworking Heavy Duty Single Rip Saw Machine