After 50% Discount Bleaching Plant for Textlie

The range is used for mercerize of the material of cotton and hemp can make the fabric to be lovely colour and good sheen,at the same time it can boost depth and security.

Primary Feature:

Use the constructing block type framework,use suitable specialized flow for different varieties of cloth.

The nether roller adopted very small screw thread construction,its pace can be modified by encoder.It is effortless to management latitudinal shrinking.

There is trundle attrition in the clip area.It can adapt to the higher speed prerequisite.

In the stabilization segment,fabrics are washed with the very hot weal lye so as to eliminate the totally free alkali and the focus of the caustic soda in the fabric is reduced to a certain price.It has distinct influence.

A.C multi unit driving program is used in the whole device.


After 50% Discount Bleaching Plant for Textlie